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I absolutely LOVE when people say: "well you're Chinese, you only have good stereotypes"...WRONG.

1) Using stereotypes to define an individual not only generalises them, but also immediately confines them into an "other" mould - therefore creating automatic assumptions no one asked you for. 

2) Uh, you're still declaring and belittling me/POC as minorities that supposedly fall into place to make YOU happy

3) We're not here to please you.

4) If you're going to coin the term "model minority", well then EVERY SINGLE POC is a bad-ass model minority - no need to tell us as if it's a favour. 

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Every t-shirt is screen-printed by yours truly. 

Charcoal black illustration on a white t-shirt. 

May be subject to small stains or flicks of paint - no need to worry, it's all part of the creative craft process. 


All shirts are unisex, but run a bit smaller than a typical men's t-shirt so please keep that in mind! 

If you like looser fits, go a size up - if you prefer a tighter fit, go with the size you would normally wear.