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Mary Lo graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in Textile Design with a focus of both Digital Print (CAD) and screen printing. Her work focuses on personal experiences as a Chinese born American through integrating kitsch, cutesy illustrations highlighting reflections of both culture and stereotypes recognized through identity.

Alongside creating artwork that reflects her personal experiences, Mary enjoys illustrating a wide variety of imagery ranging from people enjoying their day to day lives to objects spotted throughout her adventures.

Her work has been featured in Gal-Dem zine, HOARDER zine,  Discourse: The Power of Language and Communication, Skinnydip London, the V&A, and many more. 

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait or specific artwork by Mary Lo, please contact her at: mary@by-marylo.com

Please note, all work uploaded is registered and copyrighted. All rights reserved.  

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